It’s just me, Cait.

When I first started blogging it was for a combination of reasons. I mostly needed a place to centralize all the nonsense and jibjab floating about in this brain of mine. At the time, I had at least four different journals bouncing around and it was all unorganized. Even a few years later, I am still a upgrading, learning and playing with things to try have it reflect who I am & my life.

So who am i?


I’m a girl in her twenties, making my way through school and living in the big city, Toronto. I’m in love with the people around me and you’ll figure this out quickly. I am obsessed with filling my days with laughter. I am a nerd, a foodie, a geek, a girly girl, a tom-boy, a clown all wrapped into a magical unicorn. In all seriousness though, I’m just a girl documenting her life- daily stuff, goals, interests and the fun stuff.



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