And we’re off!

I imagine this is his “Ahhhh I’m so excited!” face? 

Currently making our way through Quebec en route to the East Coast!!!! Or should I say fighting our way through. Not only is it raining but Nick is convinced that the truckers are all against him lol scheming together against him to slow him down and not let him past. Probably doesn’t help when I just smirk or evil cackle at him. Things are going so far so good (touch black!). 

We spent last night packing the car. He is a self proclaimed Tetris master and claims those skills make him a master packer. I cat lie, it is impressive how perfectly things fit into this auto. Consider we have packed and planned for all kinds of things… Basically just impressed is all I’m getting at. 

We departed at 3:30am. It sounds so official and business like lol when in actuality I rolled out of bed brushed my teeth (or brushed les dents) and grabbed some stuff. Although tempted to nap, especially in this gloomy rain, I am forcing @nerdist podcasts on Stump in an attempt to convert him. I think it’s working. Thanks Comicon and The Big Bang Theory. 

This will likely what my posts will consist of. Mini check-ins and quirky Cait stories.