The BLOGmopolitan Quiz

The BLOGmopolitan Quiz

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September so far


I think it is pretty silly that as soon as I’m inspired to write a little something about crisp breeze and the fall change, the sun decides to show its face. IM NOT COMPLAINING. I know that Fall will inevitable come and I will love it just as much regardless she it ones because if i can catch a few more rays, i will happily take them in with a smile.


This week, I took a little field trip to a secret little gem tucked into the middle of downtown Toronto.

The Allan Gardens was a spectacular way to spend a Wednesday afternoon.

Collections of exotic ferns, cacti, and lilies – just to name a few – were spectacular and blooming.


Full disclosure:  yes, it was for a school trip.

But I can confidently say that I will be returning. I’ve let everyone I know in on the secret and will happily spend any coffee date or afternoon there.

Of course,  the incredible collection of flowers, trees and plant life was beautiful but this was not my favourite part.

TURTLES. Yes, turtles. Tucked within the gardens was a beautiful shed with a water wheel. under that was a silt little collection of turtles all fighting to make it to the highest point of their silly pyramid to get closet to the sun. I took a video. a stupid video. Its one minute of the slow turtles slowly moving..and me just giggling away.


The rest of my week has been pretty low-key other than that but another highlight and fav moment… THE NEW GIRL. if you don’t watch it..WATCH IT. brilliant silly and hilarious.

Just one of the silliest moments of this week’s spectacular episode.

Elevator. Put it on you. Cats & Nipples.

Just watch, you won’t regret it.

Enjoy the good life xoxo

My Favourite Time is Family Time

This weekend is a long weekend for most folk..
Easter Weekend with the famjam
Turkey, Chocolate & Giggles.

Just last weekend we were going through old home videos of when we were extremely little..about 20 years ago & the video camera weighed more than an average dog lol
It was so awesome!
House full of kids
& endless laughter.

It was a incredible!!
So this weekend I am fixin’ to document some more giggles.
I’m going to try and capture as many memories as possible.
There ain’t nothing wrong with endless photos but I think
being able to capture the stories and the fun frame by frame
will really last forever!

If you’re lucky I may even give a sneak peak of some footage..
OR at least share a photo from a family hike with the dogs or
the yummy yummy feast!

Stay Tuned!

A quick bit of " i love.."

This is the first of hopefully many 🙂 I have been AWOL lately..
I’m going to be writing an “I Love” list..
every once in a while just a list of 10 or 27 things that i love for all kinds of reasons..


i love.. movies

 TOP10 romantic comedies
 10.When Harry Met Sally
 9. Friends With Benefits/No Strings Attached – CANT DECIDE
8. Bridget Jones – all or any
7. Roman Holiday
6. A Lot Like Love
5. Money Pit
4. Annie Hall
3. Aladdin
2. Love Actually
1. Pretty Woman

 I should mention this isn’t in any kind of order..just a list of awesomeness.. 
If you havent seen any of these…i recommend you give em a shot. 


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Planning Ain’t Perfect…but it’s a start.

I actually don’t plan my posts. Ever.
I sometimes jot down ideas or thoughts but never really have had a process of what to write — I just sort of go for it. Honestly, I enjoy it this way. I enjoy just freely throwing out my thoughts or just letting thoughts flow freely. & it’s been easy.

BUT I’m starting to take this more serious.
& after some research and advice from successful bloggers it seems as though planning is the way to go.

BRAINSTORM: I think this is a great way to keep on top of blog ideas

MAPPING: This way I will be able to track what i’m hoping to get out into the blog-o-sphere & make sure that things aren’t being missed, repeated or rushed.

OUTLINES: I do this in my head but sometimes things can get overwhelming so by keeping a way of outlining the ideas & breaking it down to more specific ideas – it will help me thoroughly get things across

REVIEW: I dont think I have ever gone back after throwing up a post and reviewed what I’ve rambled out onto a page… and I’m not planning on going back to look over what I’ve already posted but from now on, I hope to be a little more meticulous about what I publish.

As a relative newbie to the blog thannngggg I am just starting & obviously this will mean it will be a learning process- with changes made along the way with things I like, hate, what works and obviously what doesn’t.

This is a great site – not just for blog related things but all things awesome, creative and beautiful

Talk Soon!