Home Sweet Home… Bitter Sweet

So this is my “Wrapping it up” post while we drive home. Unfortunately, I got so caught up in the madness of the roadtripping that i slipped on the blogging stuff. It was a combo of being so sleepy and my phone never having enough juice in it- so my pictures are scattered between my iPhone, Nick’s iPhone, his camera and mine. 

Ohhh yes- and this also got in the way…
Funny enough that as we drive home..and get closer to our destination- the weather gets worse. If thats not a tell tale sign that we should pull a U-turn and skeedaddle back to the beautiful ocean views,  I don’t know what is. 
This was the low tide quick shot- classic.
Our last few days have been a combination of drives and camps and sites…with little shopping extraggavanzas weasel’d amongst them. The last week seemed to have happened so fast that it really has started to mix and meld. Nick and I were trying to track where we had stayed and whether it was hotel or campsite..and we were getting confused. Mostly, we sat there with counted fingers and confused looks on our faces until we just gave up. 
Maxing out the cheesiness for day 10.
Within the last 10 days, we have travelled 5 provinces. New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Quebec and our home, Ontario.
This was our last food stop- we love Mexican so much we Mexicant help ourselves but to dig in immediately- obviously missing the foodie pic opp.
It would be impossible for my to choose my favourite. Each had its own unique aspects that made them incredible. I’d need to break it down into a list of silly things like food, scenery, accommodations etc… and let’s be honest- no one cares that much lol
This was def one of my fav’s… But just one. 
10 days is the most amount of consecutive days we have ever spent together and we are still happy and alive. We’ve definitely learned a lot about each other and those quirks and quarks make me more loveable..ughh i meant…make me love him more. 
Next week: School Starts.
Bitter Sweet. I’m excited to move back to the big city and start school but this summer flew by. I am going to miss home- i’m a baby when it comes to leaving my sometime- it has my heart. This trip back home has me thinking about the next big thing- packing AGAIN. 
Coming up: unpacking and repacking lol…unfortunately this will include endless loads of laundry. Those days of jealousy are gone…now I just assume you feel so bad for me and are going to offer to do it for me 🙂
lovelovelove ❤


Day Five and Still Alive

Cape Breton has been conquered by the Roadtrip King and Queen.

Yesterday was mostly filled with driving the Cabot Trail. One of the most magnificent things I have ever done. Braved the trails sharp corners and steep hills like the badass kids we are. Nick loved the drive and I loved the view. Although the pics don’t do the views justice, I think I took about 600 in under 5 hours. Lets see… Which one to share? Hmmm… 

We made a few stops and obviously each was incredible in a different way.

Nicks belly is also extremely happy. Livin’ the Lobster Life. 2 extreme lobster dinners in 2 nights for him. The amount of food we have consumed is mind boggling. I feel like we’ve never had a chance to get hungry, like starving hungry. This is probably a good thing. Avoiding him getting hungry means avoiding him getting hangry. AND NO ONE WANTS TO MEET THAT DRAGON. 

His & Mine: our scrumdiddaliumptious dinner lastnight (I NEEDED some veggies)

Now, we are on our way to Halifax for some camping. We stayed in a gorgeous hotel last night with a King bed- only confirming our thoughts on needed one when we grow up and become adults lol.  
The whole mix of pretty much 2 days camping and 1 night hotel is working really well. It’s allowing us to save money and get in those good night sleeps and necessary super clean up (we were starting to stick and get used to the smell 😄). 
We are probably spend some time in Halifax- 2 days & hopefully meet up with our friend who lives out here. I’m excited to experience the city and what it’s got to show off. 
To look forward to… WHALE WATCHING!!!!!!! And more seafood 🙂
lovelovelove ❤