Day Three Whipeeeee!

Well Hello PEI, you exceptional island.

Ok, before I dive into our day so far in PEI  lets just finish up on day two. 
We decided while eating dinner at the TIde&Boar (compliments of You gotta Eat Here!) that although Moncton was a pretty and quaint little city, we’d rather head to our next stop and set up camp. Murray Beach. Wow. I can’t even explain what kind of wickedawesomeness it was sooo…take a look for yourself. 
Just a little photo op in the sunshine before a little fish. 
Oh well hello there Atlantic, my friend. 
Could it be any better?
Him trying I win… Wasting his time basically. 
Our temporary home away from home for the night. 

Camping was spectacular. Right on the water and kind of secluded, perfection. I say that but MUST mention of stingy little fire sitch. After our battle of Rummy O, we attempted to build a fire. The only problem… Wet wood and no kindling. A very tricky situation when trying to catch a flame. As the sun set and the cold crept in… We started to loose hope. Although surrounded by a beautiful scenic setting, the cold was raining on our parade. UNTIL!?!?  Faith in humanity restored. A campsite not too far from us saw we were struggling and came and helped us out with some dry stuff and the rest is history. 🙂 
So we are just on our way to Charlottetown,PEI. Plan to do some sightseeing and pick up a few things (hatchet,booze, marshmallows…) to get us a little better prepared for camping again tonight- IIIII LOOOOVVEEE CAMPPPPINNNGGG! And sneak in a lobster feast. We had some lobster rolls today- (hello vacation, goodbye wasteline). 

Delicious, but the furthest from nutritious.

Tonight’s pictures will be the real cherry. 
Well that’s my quick little update/check-in.  Lets hope tonight’s sleep is as cozy but 100xs warmer. 
lovelovelove ❤
Fu kyay!