Autumn is quickly tomorrow quick

Working on a little something to celebrate Fall..coming soon


Its starting to get a little COOLer


New & Improved.

This is exciting.

I’ve decided to make things a little more grown up…mostly prettier.  I guess when people think grown up they think of greys and straight lines – just boring. I am trying to make it look a little cleaner and put together. A new refreshed clean look. That is my intention…whether I can pull it off? Too soon to tell.

I’ve changed up my blogging approach a little. I wanted to make things a little cleaner and prettier. Prettier is always a good reason to do anything.

Before: — eventually i’ll probably figure out a way to link them but until then…i’m starting off fresh.

Along with perfecting this beautiful site of mine- humble brag 🙂 – I also am spending this gloomy Saturday morning watching When Harry Met Sally. I’m snuggled up on the couch with tasty hot bevvies & mounds of comfy blankets.  Unfortunately, this also includes laundry. This is a combo I don’t particularly hate on a rainy day like today.


One of the most iconic scenes ever.