Another day, Another glorious drive to another gorgeous city. This trip is already so good. One of the more notable parts is TWO RAINBOWS IN TWO DAYS. I imagine if you read that you gasped with complete jealousy. I don’t blame you. You can see it tucked in right behind us.

The old and awesome Grand Falls, NB.

We are now making our trip to Moncton. We were initially suppose to stop in Fredericton but thought mehhh- let’s hit up Moncton. If we have time on our venture back, well likely stop in. 
Today I have tagged as Moncton Madness. Nicks been dreaming about lobster so I think we’ll indulge. A LOT. Yesterday he told me he was so excited for lobster and butter that he was expecting to gain 15lbs on this trip followed by an incredible quote. “Lobster with some butter please. Oh and to drink? I’ll get a glass of butter. Thank you.” 

This is us. Roadtrippin’ King and his Queen. 

 Thankfully, we stayed at a hotel last night to get in a good nights sleep (much needed and deserved for Him. It was a refreshing night where we could rest and wash the road off. Good because tonight were gonna get dirty. NOT LIKE THAT sicko. We’re aiming to hit up Magnetic hill campgrounds and pitch ourselves a cozy tent. 

Best Western Plus. Also, the best in the East. 

So that will be it for meow. 
Coming up… An enormous amount of foodie pics. 🙂 once should be jealous (it’s making my tummy grumble just thinking of it)
lovelovelove ❤