September so far


I think it is pretty silly that as soon as I’m inspired to write a little something about crisp breeze and the fall change, the sun decides to show its face. IM NOT COMPLAINING. I know that Fall will inevitable come and I will love it just as much regardless she it ones because if i can catch a few more rays, i will happily take them in with a smile.


This week, I took a little field trip to a secret little gem tucked into the middle of downtown Toronto.

The Allan Gardens was a spectacular way to spend a Wednesday afternoon.

Collections of exotic ferns, cacti, and lilies – just to name a few – were spectacular and blooming.


Full disclosure:  yes, it was for a school trip.

But I can confidently say that I will be returning. I’ve let everyone I know in on the secret and will happily spend any coffee date or afternoon there.

Of course,  the incredible collection of flowers, trees and plant life was beautiful but this was not my favourite part.

TURTLES. Yes, turtles. Tucked within the gardens was a beautiful shed with a water wheel. under that was a silt little collection of turtles all fighting to make it to the highest point of their silly pyramid to get closet to the sun. I took a video. a stupid video. Its one minute of the slow turtles slowly moving..and me just giggling away.


The rest of my week has been pretty low-key other than that but another highlight and fav moment… THE NEW GIRL. if you don’t watch it..WATCH IT. brilliant silly and hilarious.

Just one of the silliest moments of this week’s spectacular episode.

Elevator. Put it on you. Cats & Nipples.

Just watch, you won’t regret it.

Enjoy the good life xoxo


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