September so far


I think it is pretty silly that as soon as I’m inspired to write a little something about crisp breeze and the fall change, the sun decides to show its face. IM NOT COMPLAINING. I know that Fall will inevitable come and I will love it just as much regardless she it ones because if i can catch a few more rays, i will happily take them in with a smile.


This week, I took a little field trip to a secret little gem tucked into the middle of downtown Toronto.

The Allan Gardens was a spectacular way to spend a Wednesday afternoon.

Collections of exotic ferns, cacti, and lilies – just to name a few – were spectacular and blooming.


Full disclosure:  yes, it was for a school trip.

But I can confidently say that I will be returning. I’ve let everyone I know in on the secret and will happily spend any coffee date or afternoon there.

Of course,  the incredible collection of flowers, trees and plant life was beautiful but this was not my favourite part.

TURTLES. Yes, turtles. Tucked within the gardens was a beautiful shed with a water wheel. under that was a silt little collection of turtles all fighting to make it to the highest point of their silly pyramid to get closet to the sun. I took a video. a stupid video. Its one minute of the slow turtles slowly moving..and me just giggling away.


The rest of my week has been pretty low-key other than that but another highlight and fav moment… THE NEW GIRL. if you don’t watch it..WATCH IT. brilliant silly and hilarious.

Just one of the silliest moments of this week’s spectacular episode.

Elevator. Put it on you. Cats & Nipples.

Just watch, you won’t regret it.

Enjoy the good life xoxo


Fall into Fall with these must haves…


I wanted to make a collection of some of my favourite fall essentials. I think when it comes down to it, most are a little bummed about the transition. Most people hate watching summer fly out the window with a cold gust of autumn breeze. Not me. Bring on the breeze. The fresh autumn air, pumpkins and colour sweeping parks and trails make my heart happy. I compiled this list based on what I can’t live without and what would make those cold nights a little more bearable.

And here comes the list.

Top 10 Fall Essentials.

Good Boots.

A good pair of boots can make a world of a difference. They can be the perfect accessory for an outfit that needs just a little edge. They can be the thing that gets you through the chilly night walks. Or they can be just the easiest thing to throw on the make it from point A to point B and look a little more polished and appropriate than a pair of wretched Crocs.


Toasty Bevvies.

This may be one of my favourite things about the weather change. Although I live for coffee literally need it to be productive at all – in the summer heat it makes it kind of hard to chug back a delish keurig brewed cup o’ joe. Ya i know, ice coffee ya ya – i love iced coffee too- but nights of warm teas and pumpkin spiced lattes are that much better when you wrap your chilly little fingers around the cup not only because its tasty but also warm.


Ohh the views.

I think this speaks for itself. During walks with the dogs, the change of leaves and the paths just become the most beautiful scenic views. When the last thing you want to do is go on a hike through the trails & once you catch a glimpse of the trails, it really takes your breath away (not in the huffing and puffing hike kind of way either)


Big Blanket.

A staple in the fall essentials. I need cozy comfy blankets that I can roll myself into everywhere. I even use them while in bed. Some really necessary qualities include size and feel. It needs to be big enough for you plus 1. Nothing makes snuggling better than snuggling up to someone.. or some pup. FEEL IT. It must be the kind of feel that makes sleeping on a cloud seem rough. soft. baby soft. A MUST.



Gone are the days of doing nothing but sitting by the pool with a drink listening to music. Gone are the days of laying on the beach soaking up the sun in the sand. To compensate, I take up some fun and easy hobbies. I catch up on all the movies I missed while doing all the sun fun. I watch tons of television. And spend a lot of time hibernating beginning in the Fall and filtering into the Winter. A good way I make myself feel semi-productive and very crafty is knitting. I love being able to make something for someone I love. Being able to personalize it and put the love into it makes my heart happy <3.


A Good Comfy Sweater.

I don’t know if I need to say much else. The photo pretty much says it all…HOW COMFY DOES THAT LOOK?! riiiight?

Big Sweater


These are a classic pair of good ol’ Canadian mittens. I know they aren’t that practical but I think they’re adorable. I really like the “smokers gloves”. Being able to use your fingers in this day and age has never been more essential (obv iPhone user). I also picked up a pair of the gloves with special finger tips meant to be used for touch screens. I bet i’ll let you know how they work out once I get a chance to use ’em.


Good Care.

This could be the most important pick. Ok picks. The temperatures may drop far lower than you want but the sun is there. It’s always there. These two products I love. The Clinique Super City Block is something I just began using but with sensitive skin, I needed to find something that didn’t make my face break out in a rash- and this is a beautiful, beautiful option. I LOVE IT. And this EOS lip balm is not a SPF product, but I always feel my lips dry up when the weather starts to get colder. Another great option to keep your lips smooth and also protected would be Maybelline Baby Lips.

clq_6GEN_250 Image_1_Sweet_Mint_Open_rev_35


If you’re lucky enough to have the chance to spend a nice fall night around a campfire, TAKE IT. The mixture of campfire smells and starlit skies is a perfect combo. Mix that with loved ones and the previously mentioned toasty bevvies – BOY, do you have yourself a stellar night. Throw in a guitar and there is probably nothing better.


and if you can’t have those & even if you can…there is still..


Candles. Candles. Candles. Oh I love candles. I don’t usually use candles often in the warmer months but slightly cold breeze equals lighters up and wicks ablaze. I usually wait for the sales to pick up any candles or raid my mum’s stash- a candle saleswoman.


I think that if you’re fighting the transition and keeping a tight hold on summer with your flip-flops and wide-brimmed hats, try out some of these essentials to try to ease you into Fall.

Anything you NEED for a happy Autumn? Any suggestions I should try? Let me know by commenting below.

New & Improved.

This is exciting.

I’ve decided to make things a little more grown up…mostly prettier.  I guess when people think grown up they think of greys and straight lines – just boring. I am trying to make it look a little cleaner and put together. A new refreshed clean look. That is my intention…whether I can pull it off? Too soon to tell.

I’ve changed up my blogging approach a little. I wanted to make things a little cleaner and prettier. Prettier is always a good reason to do anything.

Before: — eventually i’ll probably figure out a way to link them but until then…i’m starting off fresh.

Along with perfecting this beautiful site of mine- humble brag 🙂 – I also am spending this gloomy Saturday morning watching When Harry Met Sally. I’m snuggled up on the couch with tasty hot bevvies & mounds of comfy blankets.  Unfortunately, this also includes laundry. This is a combo I don’t particularly hate on a rainy day like today.


One of the most iconic scenes ever.

Home Sweet Home… Bitter Sweet

So this is my “Wrapping it up” post while we drive home. Unfortunately, I got so caught up in the madness of the roadtripping that i slipped on the blogging stuff. It was a combo of being so sleepy and my phone never having enough juice in it- so my pictures are scattered between my iPhone, Nick’s iPhone, his camera and mine. 

Ohhh yes- and this also got in the way…
Funny enough that as we drive home..and get closer to our destination- the weather gets worse. If thats not a tell tale sign that we should pull a U-turn and skeedaddle back to the beautiful ocean views,  I don’t know what is. 
This was the low tide quick shot- classic.
Our last few days have been a combination of drives and camps and sites…with little shopping extraggavanzas weasel’d amongst them. The last week seemed to have happened so fast that it really has started to mix and meld. Nick and I were trying to track where we had stayed and whether it was hotel or campsite..and we were getting confused. Mostly, we sat there with counted fingers and confused looks on our faces until we just gave up. 
Maxing out the cheesiness for day 10.
Within the last 10 days, we have travelled 5 provinces. New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Quebec and our home, Ontario.
This was our last food stop- we love Mexican so much we Mexicant help ourselves but to dig in immediately- obviously missing the foodie pic opp.
It would be impossible for my to choose my favourite. Each had its own unique aspects that made them incredible. I’d need to break it down into a list of silly things like food, scenery, accommodations etc… and let’s be honest- no one cares that much lol
This was def one of my fav’s… But just one. 
10 days is the most amount of consecutive days we have ever spent together and we are still happy and alive. We’ve definitely learned a lot about each other and those quirks and quarks make me more loveable..ughh i meant…make me love him more. 
Next week: School Starts.
Bitter Sweet. I’m excited to move back to the big city and start school but this summer flew by. I am going to miss home- i’m a baby when it comes to leaving my sometime- it has my heart. This trip back home has me thinking about the next big thing- packing AGAIN. 
Coming up: unpacking and repacking lol…unfortunately this will include endless loads of laundry. Those days of jealousy are gone…now I just assume you feel so bad for me and are going to offer to do it for me 🙂
lovelovelove ❤