My Favourite Time is Family Time

This weekend is a long weekend for most folk..
Easter Weekend with the famjam
Turkey, Chocolate & Giggles.

Just last weekend we were going through old home videos of when we were extremely little..about 20 years ago & the video camera weighed more than an average dog lol
It was so awesome!
House full of kids
& endless laughter.

It was a incredible!!
So this weekend I am fixin’ to document some more giggles.
I’m going to try and capture as many memories as possible.
There ain’t nothing wrong with endless photos but I think
being able to capture the stories and the fun frame by frame
will really last forever!

If you’re lucky I may even give a sneak peak of some footage..
OR at least share a photo from a family hike with the dogs or
the yummy yummy feast!

Stay Tuned!


A quick bit of " i love.."

This is the first of hopefully many 🙂 I have been AWOL lately..
I’m going to be writing an “I Love” list..
every once in a while just a list of 10 or 27 things that i love for all kinds of reasons..


i love.. movies

 TOP10 romantic comedies
 10.When Harry Met Sally
 9. Friends With Benefits/No Strings Attached – CANT DECIDE
8. Bridget Jones – all or any
7. Roman Holiday
6. A Lot Like Love
5. Money Pit
4. Annie Hall
3. Aladdin
2. Love Actually
1. Pretty Woman

 I should mention this isn’t in any kind of order..just a list of awesomeness.. 
If you havent seen any of these…i recommend you give em a shot.