Planning Ain’t Perfect…but it’s a start.

I actually don’t plan my posts. Ever.
I sometimes jot down ideas or thoughts but never really have had a process of what to write — I just sort of go for it. Honestly, I enjoy it this way. I enjoy just freely throwing out my thoughts or just letting thoughts flow freely. & it’s been easy.

BUT I’m starting to take this more serious.
& after some research and advice from successful bloggers it seems as though planning is the way to go.

BRAINSTORM: I think this is a great way to keep on top of blog ideas

MAPPING: This way I will be able to track what i’m hoping to get out into the blog-o-sphere & make sure that things aren’t being missed, repeated or rushed.

OUTLINES: I do this in my head but sometimes things can get overwhelming so by keeping a way of outlining the ideas & breaking it down to more specific ideas – it will help me thoroughly get things across

REVIEW: I dont think I have ever gone back after throwing up a post and reviewed what I’ve rambled out onto a page… and I’m not planning on going back to look over what I’ve already posted but from now on, I hope to be a little more meticulous about what I publish.

As a relative newbie to the blog thannngggg I am just starting & obviously this will mean it will be a learning process- with changes made along the way with things I like, hate, what works and obviously what doesn’t.

This is a great site – not just for blog related things but all things awesome, creative and beautiful

Talk Soon!


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