Planning Ain’t Perfect…but it’s a start.

I actually don’t plan my posts. Ever.
I sometimes jot down ideas or thoughts but never really have had a process of what to write — I just sort of go for it. Honestly, I enjoy it this way. I enjoy just freely throwing out my thoughts or just letting thoughts flow freely. & it’s been easy.

BUT I’m starting to take this more serious.
& after some research and advice from successful bloggers it seems as though planning is the way to go.

BRAINSTORM: I think this is a great way to keep on top of blog ideas

MAPPING: This way I will be able to track what i’m hoping to get out into the blog-o-sphere & make sure that things aren’t being missed, repeated or rushed.

OUTLINES: I do this in my head but sometimes things can get overwhelming so by keeping a way of outlining the ideas & breaking it down to more specific ideas – it will help me thoroughly get things across

REVIEW: I dont think I have ever gone back after throwing up a post and reviewed what I’ve rambled out onto a page… and I’m not planning on going back to look over what I’ve already posted but from now on, I hope to be a little more meticulous about what I publish.

As a relative newbie to the blog thannngggg I am just starting & obviously this will mean it will be a learning process- with changes made along the way with things I like, hate, what works and obviously what doesn’t.

This is a great site – not just for blog related things but all things awesome, creative and beautiful

Talk Soon!


Operation: Recovery

I figured driving home to the city while cozied up in the back seat would be the perfect time for a blog post. I know my last post was so ambitious and I knew that when i threw it up but I have been super sick. SUPER SICK. face full of sneezes. and let me tell you that turns me into a super baby. i curl up on the couch for hours at a time groggy like a zombie drinking my tea. i’m slowly creeping out of my hole back in to the real world but can’t quite say i’m fully into it yet. 
Last week was pretty low-key. EXCEPT two of my friends and I took a “friend day” to spend it at the Marilyn Denis show. A good couple of hours of just good ole girlie things. 
Today is a dreary day. Woke up with a ridiculous amount of snow & now it’s raining.
Oh my has the weather been stupid. & apparently tomorrow is going to be warmish? BUT ITS FEBRUARY. just ridiculous.
Since we’re wrapping up this our first month of 2013, I have decided to do a list of
-Lush’s BIG
-fresh comfy cute as can be socks
-Lush’s lip scrub ❤ 
Also, I am hoping to do a what’s in my bag sometime soon but i’m debating whether i want to do a video or just a fancy posting. YOU SHOULD KNOW every time i think or watch or see anything about what’s in my bag i crave a new purse. 
Maybe i’ll get myself a birthday gift 🙂 
Talk Soon.