a productive wednesday…

I was sitting here going through my bills, receipts and just junky paperwork filing, paying & processing the madness that has accumulated — and find myself watching Julie&Julia– about the blog of Julie who cooked her way through Julia Childs cookbook– a real inspiration to finally get me blogging about my everyday life 🙂 just a random thought

Today i have learned that i am a lister. I NEEEEEDDDD lists in order to stay focused and productive. If i put it on a list- the chances of me rocking it and being able to check it off multiply by a billionkatrillion. Note to self: vacuum. lol this is how my life works.. i either ignore the list and spend my days unfocused and dillydallying OR check the list, do something, checkkkkkkmarkkkk that shit right outtta my mind.
–and nothing feels quite as good as a wednesday of checking+doing+checkmarkinggggg 🙂

I feel great about my humpday & am off to wind down before bed..
Maybe start a new book? well i guess it would be great to continue on with the HarryPotter collection

sleeptightmydarlings (…bahahahahahaha! i<3MTVLIVE)


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