New month…lets try this again

2011 has been uber disappointing.
I suppose this is why people never make resolutions because they know they’ll end up disappointed..
easy to say but not without an evil smile lol
In all fairness- i was sick. SUPER sick. the kind of cant move without pain and not being able to think or even live… it was sucha drag!

It started off extremely positive and productive..kept to all my resolutions & was getting into a sweet sweet routine– strengthening friendships, making up for all the things i’d gotten behind on in the crazy month of december– and then the EVIL cold flu thing hit me- and hit me hard for 2 weeks–

so i ended up loosing all the progress and now this is me trying to get back into the groove…
hopefully get my shit together & fix my life and get back on track– an on track cait is a good cait 🙂

I’ve become incredibly obsessed with technology– well more so the idea of new technology!
i’ve done some research and asked around– apparently Apple will be releasing some new computer models this year– and dream about the day i trade in this oldschool PowerBook for a sleek&sexy new little tech monster and be able to pimp out my blog– i can just imagine how much prettier it will make everything… and just in time for school.

That is right– i’m going to be a 25yr old 1st year hopefully at the University of Toronto. I am SO excited and in need of change– i need to get out and grow 🙂 love my friends&family but i need to do some growing & cant be more excited about potentially moving in with my best friend Lauren.

But the more i talk to people about us becoming roomies, the more i hear “oh i hope this doesn’t ruin your relationship” or “are you sure this is a good idea?” what do you think? i think if people have an open mind and a mutual respect for eachother– it can work. ohgod i hope it works.

Now that i randomly started writing about that- its giving me my weekly AhhhhhAttack when i start to freak out lol now in a serious anxiety crazy kind of way but i just start to replay all the possible outcomes and situations…silly cait.

Well i have a ton of things to get started since we’re expecting a huge snowstorm and will probably be housebound for the next few evenings.. (boy dont i miss school snowdays..)




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