HAPPY 20!! :)

It may seem like forever since I last posted a post but maybe that is because it has actually been forever..

Every aspect of my life seemed to just get crazy all at once. I got so caught up with family&friend things that I have fallen behind on everything in life -laundry, school applications, cleaning, workingout– but most importantly this blog… lol even though I doubt anyone even notices its been at a standstill for a billion days. Needless to say, I have decided  I really need to step up my blogging game.
2011 is starting off positive & am incredibly optimistic of where it will go!
A good friend constantly reminds me the world is my oyster and this year I am really going to try to figure out my life path. A path that leaves me satisfied & not in a quarterlifecrisis depressed and alone. Ogod. So to start I am working on multiple resolutions which seem to be starting slow but i have faith that its just building & will pick up speed (…note the optimism) –
Some of my resolutions include:
-Floss more often
-Work on my posture
-Organize my life
-Pay off all my debt and start saving for school
-Take more photographs
-Post more often
-Spend more time with my family
-Make “me time” a priority
okok writing them down kind of seems like I am getting a little ahead of myself.. but I guess its much better to have it down and out there so i can look back 6months from now & see where I am at 🙂
I just have a feeling about this year but WISH ME LUCK!
yours truly,
Caitlin Anne