so easy to fall behind..

Wow..i feel like once things start to get ahead of you- playing catchup is like a full time job all in itself..

*lol who am i kidding.. i have no excuse– this past weekend instead of being even slightly productive or taking advantage of maybe one of the last beautiful weekends i spent it curled up inside with my bestie addicted to a blockbusterdeal inspired Nip/Tuck marathon… and we are still jonesing for the goods!!!! cant get enough– a little scandalous– OK maybe A LOT scandalous (every soap opera throw together with a little hot sauce on top). Anyways where was i? ohhhh right.. so i spent my weekend being uber unproductive and now and slowly trying to get tasks and odd jobs and errands all completed before the next weekend hits so i can marathon part 2– 🙂 i knowww ridiculous. 
Anyways just wanted to leave a quick jibjab on here between the tasks of laundry or dogwalk or this or that… 
Lets be real.. i wont even read this over to see if it makes sense cause i dont even have time for that– but tomorrow i will come back and attempt to figure out how to post some sort of picture and another little Cait JibJab blahhhhog post– but until then have fun deciphering this post *you’ll probably need more luck than anything… *

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