Happy Thanksgiving!!

Gobble! Gobble!
Happy Thanksgiving Canadians!
whatta beautiful fall day–
spent most of the day cleaning up after a weekend of celebration- 3 days of celebrating friends, family & food– really my favourite things… and have been ultra indulging because I’m gonna start a cold weather body renovation lol — get as fit as i can before next year — which may be a little challenging with my food obsession

some Extra Great news! i finally got my camera– ended up canceling the one i bought on-line because i just couldnt wait and picked one up before all the celebrations..
So today it is a little gloomy out – which is holding me back from doing my painting things i had planned – i had bought some white spray paint to re-do this awful lamp.. but the more I? look at it the more i cant decide what would look better…
maybe i could get your opinions?

Once i get my camera up and running, synced up with my computer and understand the whole diddy– ill post some awesome pics…

Anyways — off to make some tea (still recovering from this stupid cold) and then gonna relax in my purple snuggie — perfect day off if you ask me 🙂



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