With the autumn comes…

Ohoh…First week of October and I am already sick.. and super sick. No voice kind of sick. Makes me spend my days in my brand new purple snuggie, slipper boots & yummy yummy lemon tea. I’m planning on spending the night blogging and then checking out other blogs to catch some ideas of projects i can take on for the winter. Canada just can get ohso chilly that its best to occupy my time with learning– like on my list so far is knit some mittens, learn to sew and to try to improved my baking. I just find all things creative and homely very therapeutic. So take all my new ambitious projects, throw in some new dvds and lots and lots of delish teas –mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

So other things i plan to have done throughout the next 6 months of hibernation in Ontario– reupholster an antique chair i bought at an auction- make my own curtains – sew a change purse – maybe even take a few cooking classes – oh that reminds me, i need to check out some new digital cameras tonight so i can properly document this-

Also one of my goals for this blog is to track my kitchen skills..
I AM SUCHA FOODIE! and am going to really take advantage of this blog for documenting my future triumphs and failures — lets be real, the scale will probably tip to one side over the other — lol topple over more like it.. but all i am asking to see a year from now is improvement.. to look back at just be able to say that I lived the next year to the max, that i laughed along the way, and i loved every minute of the journey– good and bad –

Alright well i guess that is my first post– i was so nervous about this? lol silly me.
Until next time 🙂


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